Halloween Flash Day





Halloween Flash Day

Thursday October 31, noon-??

Custom flash available one day only from: Ryan, Skye, Endijs, and Tim Wood.  All designs will be priced from $60-$120.

Walk-ins only, no appointments (anticipating short wait times with 4 artists available)

Snacks provided from Hardcore Confections.


this will follow the same model as our Valentine Flash day event which was a lot of fun.   To see the flash, come into the shop on Halloween- designs will not be released online ahead of the event.


Yes, the rumors are true!  We have decided to start tattooing minors, with parental consent.   please call or email with questions or to get an appointment.

             phone: (440) 477-7559

email:     arcolacreektattoo@gmail.com


recreation of Pazyryks “ice princess” tattoo. the 2,500 year old ice princess believed deceased at age 25 and probably started getting tattooed before age 18.